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Will Any Laptop AC Adapter Work ?

I have worked as Computer Technician for the past 26 years and have replaced quite a few Laptop AC Adapters for customers. The company I worked for would try to sell the customer a universal ac adapter, instead of the ac adapter made for the particular brand and model of laptop. There were quite a few occasions when the customer would bring the laptop back for repair due to it not functioning.

What I would find is that the motherboard was now damaged. I found after doing some research is that some of the universal ac adapters were cheaply made and put out what is called a dirty signal. This was damaging the motherboard over a period of time. So after this, I always explained this to the customer and I had management locate the proper laptop ac adapter made for the their brand and model of laptop.

The only time I would recommend a Universal AC Adapter, is in case of an emergency. Now do you need to take your laptop in for repair ? The answer to that is simple, No !

You can search on either Amazon or Ebay for the proper laptop ac adapter or as others call it an ac laptop charger. I would also be very careful about some of these ac adapters, because they can be cheap models and put out a cheap signal. Why risk damaging your laptop and then paying a huge fee to have it repaired.

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