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Should I Use A Universal AC Adapter For My Laptop Or Tablet ?

Is it okay to use a Universal AC Adapter for your Laptop Computer ?

First of all my background, I have my AAS Degree in Electrical Engineering with the master in electronics. I worked as a Electronic Technician for about 11 Years and then a Computer Repair Technician for 26 Years.

Now this came up about using an universal ac adapter for your laptop computer. The problem with these types of ac adapters is that are cheaply made and may put out what is called a dirty signal. This is what my damage your laptop motherboard in the long run. Believe me I have seen this happen many times with customers, because the sales people sold one to them and told them it would be okay. Then the customer comes back after 2 or 3 months and the laptop now has a bad motherboard and the repair will be expensive and the motherboard is used or they call it refurbished.

The problem with refurbished parts is that they are used and may have a problem that does not show up right away. Now you have a unhappy customer which results in bad reviews and the loss of business.

Now when is it okay to use a universal ac adapter ? I would only use one in an emergency situation to get data from a laptop or tablet. The other time may be when performing a repair. Otherwise, it is best to locate the same model as the one you have.

If you are going to use a universal ac adapter, make sure that the output voltage is the same as yours and make sure the current output is the same or a little more. You have to remember that the Engineers designed the power source for the laptop or Tablet and not the ac adapter. What I mean is that they designed the circuits with the voltage source according to the circuit and the components due to their voltage and current ratings. If you go outside of that, you may damage components. The other problem is that the computer may not function properly.

So my advise is to search on Amazon or Ebay for the same model of AC Adapter as

what you are replacing.

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