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Save Your Money And Learn How To Clean Viruses, Plus Infections From Your Computer

Your computer is running slow or you are getting redirected to other websites. More than likely your computer has become infected. Many of the local computer service centers have various virus cleaning services. Sometimes they may call them by ridiculous sounding names, just to lure you in.

They may be charging somewhere between $70 to $300 or more. My advise is stop giving them all your money to do something you can do yourself. They use all the same programs that are on the internet and generally these are free. So save your money and clean up your desktop, laptop, tablet or all in one computer.

You need to download free malwarebytes, adw cleaner, roguekiller and super anti spyware. If your computer is running, you need to learn how to boot into the safemode with networking. I would go to each web browser and clear all the history. I would also find a good temp file cleaner, download it, install it and run it. Now install the free programs I mentioned, update them and run them.

There are other programs that can be used to clean, viruses, spyware, adware and malware. Just make sure to check out the reviews before installing them. Some programs may bring in infections. I would also make sure you have good up to date Virus Software running on your computer. I would use either Nortons, Mcafee, Eset, BitDefender, Avg or Avast.

Once you are all done, reboot back to the normal mode. There are good videos on youtube that you can watch, to learn how to boot into the safemode with networking and the normal mode. Run the computer and see how it functions. You should uninstall the free programs you have installed.

NOTE: If your computer will not boot up, then I suggest removing the ssd drive or sata drive. Install it in a external enclosure or ssd enclosure , connect it to a good running computer, install all the programs and run them on the external drive. When done place it back in the original computer and see if it boots up properly and all programs run properly.

If it still won't boot, then reinstall a back up if you have one. Otherwise, you will have to install a fresh load of windows and move all data back in place. You just have to save the data before performing the fresh load of windows or you will loose all your data.

My advise is to always make a back up of your computer using the back up program in the control panel or a program like Acronis. You can also turn on file history and run it to an external drive. Make sure the external drive is at least a 4tb (terabyte) or more.

The problem with SSD Drives is that they are all memory locations and if it fails, you will not get any data back. If you use a Sata Drive, you can take it to a place for data recovery, where they remove the spinning disks and get the data. Just remember that this can be very expensive. That is why you should always make a back up.

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