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What Is Making My Computer Run Slow ?

Generally when your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet runs slow, it can be a few different things. The most popular problem are Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Malware. These are infections and can come into your computer in a variety of ways. You may have visited a website that was infected and now it moved to you. The other way could be from opening an email from someone you did not know. The other way is by sharing information between computers. In other words you may have worked on something at you work computer, then came home and put it on your computer to work on. You could have installed a program that had an infection in it.

So what are you supposed to do know ? Well you could wipe out your computer and everything would be gone. That would be all data (documents, picture and programs). This would be the last thing I would suggest doing. So my advise would be to clean up the system yourself and save some money. If you take it to a computer service center, they may charge you $100 to $300 to clean up your computer. As long as you can boot your computer up and enter windows, you can do it.

What you need to do is download a few different free programs on the internet and install them. The best free programs to use are Free Malwarebytes, Roguekiller, ADW Cleaner, Super Antispyware and JRT (junkware removal tool), this tool is not updated any longer, but does help. Before performing any cleaning, I would back up your data to an external hard drive. I would use the back up program in the control panel if possible. Another way to save just data is tun on file history and let it back the data to the external hard drive. I generally recommend at least a 4tb External Hard Drive.

The best way to clean the system after installing these programs is to enter the safe mode with networking. If you do not know how to do this, check out videos on youtube for doing this. The next thing to do is to run each of these programs one at a time. You can find videos on youtube on how to run these. When done I would reboot back to the normal mode. I would clean all history from all your web browsers, while in the safe mode. I would also clean all temporary files from the system, using the program in windows 10. You can also download a program from the internet, but research it first before installing it to make sure it does not infect your system or damage it.

The other way a computer can run slow is due to a full or failing hard drive or ssd drive. There are free programs you can download a run to test a hard drive, depending on the brand of the device. You would have to go to the manufacturers website and download, then run it. If it is finding problems, then it may be time to replace it. This is where the back up to the external hard drive will come in handy. If the drive is full, then you could try removing junk temporary files and programs. Usually this will not be enough to solve the issue. The next choice, would be to have a program such as Acronis to clone the full or failing drive to the new larger drive.

Again to become familiar with using the program to perform cloning, I would look for videos on youtube. Some computer stores will try using a 250gb ssd as the boot drive and then a 1tb drive for the data. They may try masking the second drive, so all data goes to it, instead of the boot drive. The problem is that not all data and programs can go to the 2nd drive. My advise is to use at least a 2tb or 4tb for the boot drive. You can install a 2nd large 4tb sata drive to back up to and save data to. I do not suggest masking a 2nd drive. I would always make the ssd boot drive 1tb or larger.

One other thing to consider is damage to the motherboard or maybe to memory or microprocessor. Usually it's the motherboard or the memory. First visually inspect the motherboard for any damaged components. There could some expanded leaking cylindrical shaped capacitors that may be leaking. The other problem is burned ic chips. As far as memory goes, you can download a free memory testing program like memtest 86+. If the motherboard is damaged or the memory is failing replace them. If you have to replace the motherboard, make sure it is the same make, model and revision. You also want memory to be the same in specifications. If you replace the motherboard, you may have to update the system bios revision, so it is up to date or the computer may not run properly.

My best advise is to always have a clean up to date back up of your system to an external hard drive. If you can't find the same motherboard due to age, it will be time for a new computer. Remember you will be starting all over again, reinstalling programs and data etc... . Some computer places will try to install the back up to the new computer. When this is done your are voiding the warranty. The windows 10 is only to be installed on the computer it came with. This is due to the product license key agreement with Microsoft.

Do Not deal with computer service centers that do not perform work according to the rules.

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