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What Do You Mean My Warranty Has Been Voided ?

Have you ever had a new laptop computer that suddenly failed to function. You call the manufacturer, go through the process and they have you send it in for warranty repair. The warranty repair center calls you and tells you that the warranty has been voided, due to parts installed that are not from the manufacturer. If you call the service center where it was purchased, they will tell you that you should have contacted them first. Now you are stuck with the cost of the repair.

Now one of the tricks these dishonest computer service centers will do is tell you to contact them if you have any problems. What they do is remove the parts they have upgraded. Then they contact the manufacturer and badger them until they get their way to send it in for repair. When the laptop comes back from warranty repair, they will basically reinstall their upgraded parts you purchased back in the laptop. How do I know this, you may ask ? Well I worked for these kind of dishonest people for 24 years as a Computer Technician.

What you need to do is verify if the service center is warranty authorized before buying from them. Yes I have listened to people yell at the warranty manufacturer or out right lie to them. Do you really want to deal with dishonest people like this ? My advise is no you don't, walk out the door, contact the manufacturer and report them. They tend to buy cheap laptops that are out of warranty or just about out of warranty, so they can make money off of you.

So save yourself a lot of headaches and deal with honest people.

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