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Use A Laptop Keyboard Skin To Protect From Liquid Spills

I can not tell you how many customers, I have had to explain that their laptop computer is damaged beyond repair and that they have lost all their data. I never forget the look on their faces when all those precious pictures of their children are gone.

Then the only choices was to replace the laptop and send the hard drive out for data recovery. Data recovery could cost $800 or more. How do you explain that they have lost all those precious pictures of their children growing up.

The easiest thing to do to protect your laptop from a liquid spill is to use a Laptop Keyboard Skin. Some of them are universal, but you may have to find one specifically for their particular brand and model of laptop. Of course it is not 100%, but it does help and they do not cost very much. Yes it is worth it to purchase one.

The other protection I always advise,is to use an external hard drive to back up your data to. You can use the back up program in the control panel. I would also suggest using file history. Here is a article that provides good information below.

Keyboard Skin - Defend a Computers Keyboard Against Dirt and Spills

By John Sminn | Submitted On Nov

ember 03, 2010

Put a stop to lingering bacteria on a PC, notebook or laptop keypad with a durable, ultra-light, and see-through keyboard skin.

A reusable keyboard protector, made in a thin, flexible and transparent polyurethane, offers the ideal solution to protecting a computer keyboard from spills, fingerprints, perspiration, cookie crumbs, dust, etc. whilst at home or work. A dependable sheet of this nature is made to resist tearing, abrasions and cracking, and those given a matte finish also avoid a noticeable glare.

If a cover is sized to the correct dimensions of a particular make and model of keyboard, a high-quality cover provides a tight fit where it is hardly noticed (often with a thickness at a mere 1-mil), and this eliminates a need to lift and replace on frequent occasions or after each use.

A cost-effective, ultra thin, yet durable and strong keyboard film is more of a practical choice in high turn over environments, such as those computers located in public areas - including schools, labs, cafes, factory's, hospitals, gas stations or similar such situations.

A portable keyboard film or protector, designed for a multi-purpose use, comes easy to lift-on/lift-off, retains the original feel of the keys, and gives a

practical and re-usable choice for those wishing to take one of these skins to/from a classroom, office, cybercafé, or library.

Whether it is a semi-permanent or disposable skin cover, these keypad protectors are perfect to avoid the built-up of grime, dust and dirt on a lot of the computers situated in high traffic areas.

John Sminn writes articles, reviews, and product reports on a variety of protective skins at [], including those on the high-quality Laptop Keyboard Cover [].

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