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Should I Upgrade My Old Windows 7 Computer To Windows 10 or Buy A New Windows 10 Computer ?

I am a Computer Technician and I get a lot of customers asking whether they should try and upgrade their older windows 7 computer to windows 10. Well from what I have seen happen with customers that did the upgrade, I would say no. You would be better off in the long run to go with a new computer.

There are a few different reasons why you should not upgrade. The first thing is that there most likely are no newer drivers for windows 10, especially for the motherboard. I have checked various manufacturers websites and found that they indicate a windows 10 driver. Upon further inspection you will find that these are the same drivers for windows 7 or windows 8 or windows 8.1 . The reason for these is that they worked for the first version of windows 10 according to the manufacturer. If anyone says they are the most current available for windows 10, walk away and don't look back.

The second reason I would not suggest upgrading to windows 10 from the older system is due to the slower front side bus speed. This is due to the memory and the microprocessor. This is the speed at which the data travels back and forth between each component. Some of the older windows 7 computers have ddr2 or ddr3 memory, as well as slower microprocessors. In other words your computer will be lagging and run like a lazy old dog. Basically you won't be happy. Just buy a newer more up to date computer running windows 10.

The third reason is that putting the money into the older computer is just not cost effective. All you are doing is putting money into the pocket of the company and I guarantee you will be back complaining and have to spend more money. If your windows 7 computer or windows 8.1 computer happened to be a newer system with ddr4 memory, then a windows 10 upgrade would not be a bad idea, but that would be the only scenario I would suggest.

The 4th and final reason is that your software programs running in windows 7 may not run in windows 10. Programs like Quickbooks do not run properly in windows 10. I have heard some people say just make sure the older version of some programs will need to be installed. Then they say, they may just run a little funny with various issues. Ask yourself as a business would you run a program that may act up and cause you to lose money ? I would suggest that you look into all your current windows 7 programs like photoshop, quickbooks etc... and see if they will run in windows 10, otherwise buy the newest version and stay safe.

So as I have stated, buy a new windows 10 computer and be happy.

Thank You For Reading From Bigfoot PC.

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