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How To Repair A LCD Display On A Laptop And Tablet Computer

One of the most popular repairs I did working as a Computer Technician was replacing the lcd display on a laptop or tablet. If you try to replace the lcd, it can be fairly easy to extremely difficult. Some displays are removed by removing a few plastic screw covers. Next you have to remove a few small screws and then release plastic catches that hold the lcd bezel that runs around the lcd . Next you may have about 4 more screws to remove.

Once you have the lcd out of the top cover assembly, there are usually a few ribbon cables or a connector to remove. My advise is to remove the battery from the laptop or tablet before doing anything. Hold the power button after the battery is removed to dissipate any electrical charge. I have had the ribbon cable short and damage the laptop.

The other issue you may run into is the lcd that is already damaged, to crack even further. You do not need to get glass fragments in your skin or even worse, your eyes. There are various laptops and tablets, where you should not try to take the lcd out of the top cover assembly. Some are held in place by heavy duty adhesive. Trying to remove it, will result in further damage to the lac and plastics.

I have found that the best method, is to purchase the whole top cover assembly with the lcd in it. The only issue, is that you need to dissemble the lower case, to get at the hinge screws. Some keyboards are held in place with various screws and plastics are easily damaged. My advise is to look for videos on youtube where these repairs are being done.

What you need to realize, is that some of these lcd displays and assemblies are not new. They are refurbished displays, which means they came out of a laptop or tablet that had other damage. The problem is that you have no idea how long the lcd will last. Make sure it has a good warranty on it before purchasing. Now, you can purchase a new lcd display from the various distributors and resellers on the internet.

Finally, the last thing to realize, is that the computer repair service center is buying the lcd or assembly and selling it to you. They are taking an item that was used and jacking the price up on it to make a profit. I have seen a lot of price gouging over the years. My advise is to determine what the part numbers are and search for the part yourself. If you do the work yourself , you will save yourself a good amount of money.

If you replace the lcd and still have a problem, your laptop or tablet has further damage. At this point, it is not worth repairing. I had this happen once and now had no lcd to put back in the laptop. My advise to the customer was to use it as a stationary computer with a external monitor to the HDMI Port. Almost all Tablets were not meant to be disassembled. When you try to take them apart, you damage plastics and they do not reassemble properly. It's better to just replace the laptop or tablet with a new computer. Remove the old hard drive or ssd and get the data off it.

Sometimes it's better to Repair By Replacement.

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