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How To Remove A Display From A Microsoft Surface Tablet Or Any Tablet

Okay, first of all I do not recommend trying to repair the Microsoft Surface Tablet or any Tablet for that matter. The problem you run into is that you most likely will damage other parts in the process, resulting in a costly bill. Believe me in my 24 years as a computer technician I have had this happen multiple times. The problem is that the company is generally responsible for the damage and it costs them in the long run.

Here is a good example of what has happened to me. I had a customer that had a surface tablet with a defective motherboard. First off the Motherboard is not new, it is a refurbished part, which means it came from a surface tablet that had other problems. You just never know how long it might last and you could spend a lot of money, only to have it fail out of any kind of warranty.

So if you have a Tablet and the display is damaged or the Motherboard has failed, you need to get the SSD out of it, because it has all your data on it. If you are going to do this, you will need a good Heating Pad and a good Laptop Repair Tool Kit. You may also want some tools to gently pry as you remove the display. Basically, these tablets were not meant to be dissembled by anyone, except by the company it came from.

If the display is cracked, you should put something like masking tape all over the glass. The problem is, the more to try to remove it, the more the glass will shatter and you don't need to get cut, get glass in your eyes or just make a huge mess. You could just place the masking tape on the cracks and hope they go no further.

So next you get the Heating Pad nice and warm or pretty hot. Place the tablet face down on the heating pad and leave it for maybe 30 minutes to 1 Hour. Then take one of the prying tools and see if you can get it under the display bezel. This would be the edge where the display is adhered to the main case. These are all parts that are plastic and can easily be deformed with too much heat.

Use a tool called a Spudger Tool, to place in the gaps as the display separates from the main case bezel. You buy a Spudger Tool Kit or just some additional spudgers. You will hear the adhesive make noises as it is lifted from the case bezel. The display may crack as you follow this procedure. Once the display is off, you can remove the SSD Drive, which is generally the SSD Card type. I would suggest buying a External SSD Adapter, so you can connect it to another computer, through a USB port, to get your data off it.

I have seen some individuals use a Heat Gun to loosen the adhesive and remove the display. The problem is that the heat gun puts out too much heat and melts the plastic. I have tried this method a few times, resulting in melting the plastic and damaging the parts. I have also seen some technicians try and use a Surface Mount Soldering Tool, because it blows very hot air to melt the solder paste. I don't recommend this, because you can damage the plastic. That is why the heating pad is a much better option.

If you do try to repair the display by replacing it, you will need the proper adhesive tape to secure the display back to the case. I have tried heavy duty two way adhesive tape, but it never seems to hold properly and comes apart. I have seen a technician, try and use rubber silicone adhesive, but this makes a good mess and is difficult to take back apart. You would have to locate the proper adhesive that the manufacturer uses and this is not always easy.

This is why it is better to just replace the Microsoft Surface Tablet or whatever brand of Tablet you have. Then get your data transferred to your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet Computer.

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