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Help, My Laptop Or Tablet Will Not Turn On

Have you ever gone to power on your laptop and you get nothing ? Well this is usually caused by a few different things. Make sure that the plug on the ac adapter cable has not broken off in the dc jack on the laptop. The next possibility is a dead ac adapter. The next problem, could be a broken wire in the ac adapter cable. The next problem could be a defective battery for the laptop. The next item could be a damaged dc jack in the laptop. Finally and the worst problem, could be that the laptop failed itself.

The first thing you want to do is have a good Digital Multi-Meter. I would have a few various sizes of paper clips handy. A broken ac adapter plug is easily checked by inspecting it. If it is in fact broken or broken off, the ac adapter will need to be replaced. If it is missing, then look at the dc jack in the laptop, to see if it is stuck inside the jack. Remove the battery and try to use small needle nose pliers to remove it. I have used a pin to catch the end and pull it out.

Now if the plug is okay, you will need to test the ac adapter. Set your Digital Multi-Meter to DC Volts. Slide the Red (+) Positive pin tip into the end of the ac adapter plug and the Negative (-) Black on the outside of the ac adapter plug, which is silver. The DC Voltage will be listed on the bottom of the laptop. Once you see the DC Output Voltage, try moving the ac adapter cable around. If the Voltage drops or goes away and then comes back, the wire in the AC Adapter is broken. The AC Adapter needs to be replaced.

If the AC Adapter output voltage is good and never drops out, you need to test the laptop. With the AC Adapter plugged into the laptop dc jack, try moving the ac adapter plug in different positions. Generally there is a power led on the laptop by the dc jack. If the led lights and then goes out, the dc jack is damaged. The laptop will need to be dissembled to visually inspect the dc jack.

My advise is to look for a video on youtube about disassembling your particular make and model of laptop. Most of the time, you have to remove a keyboard first and then the plastic cover that the motherboard is under. You may even need to go so far as to remove the motherboard. Some dc jacks have a plug that goes into the motherboard and some are soldered to the motherboard or are on a daughter board. You may want a certified computer repair service to do this work. Be prepared, because this could be an expensive repair.

One way to verify if the dc jack has a problem, is to measure the dc voltages at the laptop battery connections. If the voltages are all good, then the problem is the battery itself. The final problem could be the laptop motherboard itself. If you buy a motherboard off Ebay, it will be refurbished, which means it's used. The problem is that you do not know how long the used motherboard will last or if it has another problem. My advise is replace the laptop and get your data off the hard drive or ssd drive.

The things that you want to be aware of is how much are these parts and how much is the service center charging. I have seen cases where the dc jack costs a few dollars and the service center charges over $25 for the dc jack. This applies to all the parts that the service center is providing. Find out what the part numbers are and how much they cost, then compare it to what the service center is charging. Also find out what if any warranty there is on the part and labor. Believe me, I have seen some very shifty things done and the customer gets the short end of the stick.

If the battery is replaced, make sure it is the exact model and not a replacement type. The problem is that they may be a poor substitute. They may not even fit properly in the laptop. The same goes for the ac adapter and a replacement part. Some of these replacements are cheaply made and may damage the laptop over time. It is always best to use the exact make and model of the battery and ac adapter. I only recommend a universal ac adapter for short term and emergency purposes. It has been shown that they can damage a laptop or tablet over time. I have seen this happen more than once in my career.

If you are looking for parts, then I suggest either Amazon, Ebay or the Manufacturer. There are usually many youtube videos out there that will show you how to perform the repair.

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