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Do Computer Service Centers Give You New Parts When One Fails ?

Many of us have Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Tablets and All In One Computers that fail due to a faulty component. When this happens, does the service center provide you with a new part or install a new part in your computer. The answer to that for the most part is no. You may be asking how I know this. Well I have worked for the past 26 years as a Computer Hardware Technician. I have been the one doing the dirty work for the management.

Many times when a motherboard would fail in a new build brought back by the customer, we would replace it with a refurbished motherboard sent back by the manufacturer. This would have been a motherboard that got sent to the manufacturer, because it had some problem. They would have been possibly repaired or tested and sent to the service center. Most of the time these would fail and be right back to us, now the customer is angry. The customer was being told that this was a new part, which was a lie.

The other common part that was replaced with a refurbished part, was a hard drive. It could have been a sata type or an ssd type. The only parts that seemed to be replaced with new parts, were memory or a microprocessor. Where the problem comes in, is that these were not new parts. They may have been taken off the shelf in sales to use for testing purposes while troubleshooting. When done, they were boxed back up and put right back on the shelf. I can't you how many times I saw sales people, management or technicians improperly handle the component. They may have laid the part on top of the esd static bag or carry it like a sandwich holding the part. Generally the part would fail at some point due to static damage.

Now there were some items that were not replaced by a refurbished part. These tended to be either a Laptop Computer or a Tablet. Laptops and Tablets were sent back to the manufacturer. A new device was given to the customer and the laptop or tablet from the manufacturer was placed back in stock. What seemed to happen is that the component would fail and when the customer contacted the manufacturer, they were informed that it was not new and had no more warranty. Now you had a very angry customer and a bad review.

So always make sure that you have a new part and not one that has no more warranty on it. If you run into this with a Computer Service Center, REPORT THEM to protect others.

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