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Can I Take The Hard Drive Out Of My Defective Windows 10 Computer And Put It My New Computer ?

The answer to the question about taking the hard drive from one computer and placing it another computer requires a couple of responses. The first question is whether or not this is an OEM Package of Windows 10 or a Retail Package of Windows 10.

The reason is because each has a separate license agreement with Microsoft. According to the OEM License Agreement, you can not transfer the hard drive from one computer to another. The particular oem windows 10 software and license has to stay with the computer it was installed on. Now if it was a Retail Package of Windows 10, it can be transferred to a new computer.

Sometimes there are issues with taking a Windows 10 installed hard drive and placing it in a new computer. It does not matter if it was Retail or OEM. Quite a bit of the time, there is a difference in hardware and it becomes detected. The next problem is that the computer will not function properly. This happened to myself and other technicians, where management wanted us to do this.

Yes they wanted us to move the hard drive into a new Desktop or Laptop. When the computer was powered on, it would not boot up properly and load windows. This had to do with various settings within the system bios and they could not be changed. They even had their so called guru try and do this, but he had no success. It did not even matter if it was the same exact motherboard or even laptop computer.

The only solution was to reinstall a new package of windows 10 on the new computer, set it up properly with drivers, install the customers software and properly move the data back in place. I can tell you that there were many unhappy customers, because they were told by sales and management that this could be done. There were many lies, just to make money and in the long run, there were customers not coming back.

So what I recommend, is to always back up your desktop, laptop or tablet to an external hard drive using the back up program in the control panel. This way if your hard drive fails, you can restore the back up to a new hard drive and install it in the same computer. The other excellent choice, is to use the File History, located on the lower left corner in the back up program in the control panel.

This way you can restore your data to the new oem based windows 10 computer. Your other option is to build your desktop computer with a Retail Package Of Windows 10. Most computer service stores will not do this, because the OEM Package Of Windows 10 Is Cheaper.

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