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Can I Just Reinstall My Windows 10 On My New Computer ?

Many customers have an older computer that came with Windows 10 and want to reinstall it on their new Windows 10 computer. The answer is if this is an OEM Package of software, the answer is no. Due to the OEM License Agreement from Microsoft, it can only reinstalled on the computer it was sold with. I have seen many computer service centers go as far as to heat up the product license key tag to soften the adhesive. They they carefully remove it and stick it to the new computer, this is illegal. This should be reported to Microsoft, so the service center will stop doing this.

The only Windows 10 that can be transferred and reinstalled on your new computer is a Retail Package Of Windows 10. Now with your current computer, my advise is to always back up your computer system to a External Hard Drive. You can use the Back Up program that is in the control panel in windows 10. You can also use a back up program to do the back up or through the cloud. Then you can restore it to your current hard drive in your computer. It can not be restored to a new computer. Data can be restored to a new windows 10 computer.

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