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5 Things That The Home Computer User Can Do To Keep Your Computer Running Properly And Save Money

You do not have to be a Computer Technician to clean and Repair your home computer, whether it be a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or All In One Computer. There are basically 5 things that any home computer user can do to keep their computer running properly.

  1. The first thing is to learn how to back up your computer. This can be done by the home user or through the cloud. If you are going to back it up yourself, you will need to purchase at least a 4tb External Hard Drive. You will need to use the back up program in the Control Panel. If you go through the cloud I would suggest IDrive or Carbonite or Acronis True Image.

  2. The next thing you will need to learn to do is physically clean your computer inside. You will need to take the desktop side cover off first. Make sure the power is disconnected to the computer. You can used Canned Air to blow the dust off of the motherboard and components. You will also need to blow the dust off all fans. I suggest holding the fan in place with a pencil. The fan in the power supply can be held in place with a tie wrap. You can also use a Air Compressor to blow the dust out as well. With Laptops, you are blowing the dust out of the cpu fan and the keyboard. Clean the lcd display with cleaning fluid made to clean lcd displays. Glass cleaners or other cleaning solutions, will damage the lcd display.

  3. The next thing you will need to do is make sure your hard drive or drives are not getting full. If your boot drive is full or getting full, you will need to remove programs not in use, temp files or replace the drive. The drive may be a ssd or sata hard drive. If you have to replace it, use a program such as Acronis to clone it to a new larger drive. My advise is have a professional do this process.

  4. The next thing to do, is to learn how to test your hardware in the computer. You should test the hard drive or drives and the memory. Your hard drive manufacturer such as western digital, seagate, toshiba etc.... will have a program on their website to download, install and run. You can download Memtest86 or Memtest64 and run it to test the memory. There are programs to test the Motherboard and CPU, but they are not free. You can run the Optimize in Windows 10 to make your computer run more efficiently.

  5. Finally the last thing to learn is how to check and clean up viruses, spyware, adware and malware. You should good Antivirus Software installed on your computer and make sure it is up to date. Run a scan for infections with it. You can download Free programs, install them and run them. It is best to run them in the Safe Mode with Networking selected. Always know your computer log on password first. The best free programs to use are Free Malwarebytes, Roguekiller, Superantispyware and ADW Cleaner.

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