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Can't Log Into My Profile On My Computer

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Oh no I can't log into my profile on my computer. When I try to log it indicates it can and reboot my computer. This is usually caused by an infection that had corrupted the profile list in the registry for your profile.

Okay so what do you do ? Well you can take it to a computer service center and they should be savvy enough to correct the registry. Next they should be smart enough to scan the system with multiple programs to clean and remove any infections.

Generally you can tell, because there will be more than one profile in the registry and it one will have a .bak extension on it. You basically rename the one with no extension .ba and then remove the .bak from the other profile. You will also want to clear the counters for the profile. These will be in the column to the right of the profile list entries. Once this is done reboot the computer to the profile in question.

If all boots well, then go on the internet and download roguekiller, free malwarebytes, adwcleaner, tdsskiller and super antispyware. Update and run each one in the safe mode with networking. Clean and remove all infections found. If this is windows 7 I would run combofix as well. I would also reset all web browsers.

Your system should be in good working order now. Here is a link to the steps to perform the registry repair CLICK HERE FOR REPAIR PROCEDURE.

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